Rewatching KLK and getting ready to draw my pic for the KLK Zine! In the meantime I colored a Satsuki! She is one of my fave.


Day 18: Nui
currently out of any idea


10 great official Kill la Kill (キルラキル) illustrations from the past year of Newtype Magazine. Amazing to think it’s already been a year! Click on each image to learn the illustrator or check out the Kill la Kill Official Guide Book Kamui Banshou (Amazon USJP) for these art works and more!


There’s no way i’m finishing this anytime soon. I’ll just leave this here to let you all know I’m still alive, but also kinda dead.


キルラキル ペーパー 【フリー配布】 by こんぽたーじゅ on pixiv

These are so cute - free to use Kill la Kill message cards! The artist even has a blank template at the end so you can make your own!


don’t lose your way

and keep drawing shit